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What Is Worm Juice
William D Thompson

Friday, January 28, 2011

Testers wanted
If you live in the Seattle area would like to try an Organic Fertilizer. Please let me know.
11:53 am est 


I have been raising red worms for the past few years.  The worms live in 55Gal drums and are fed spent coffee grounds.   The barrel tops are open and covered with screen. There is a drain in the bottom of the barrel.  When it rains the water goes into the top and passes through the worms and is captured in a bucket system.  I call this black liquid worm Juice. 

I currently have too much worm juice and would like to have people, who are gardeners, like you, test the product.  I would hope they would send me feed back as to what they observe. 

Here are my observations.

The product works as good as or better than commercial fertilizer.  I have yet to burn a plant with worm juice.  Flowers seem to have brighter colors and are larger. 

I hope you are interested in this Organic, oderless, fertilizer.


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